Home plate "Les portes blanches du gros mont"The first part of the name comes from the numerous white doors of the house. The one that you will see on arrival, is the big electric gate. When this opens slowly on to the courtyard, you will then discover the high and massive wooden round door of the barn. Around it, there are 4 other doors of more reasonable dimensions : that of a second barn, that of the ancient stable and at the top, that of the entrances to the attic.

White door
Continuing around the courtyard, you will discover the door to the cellar with its staircases and the door to my husband's workshop. The house which is reserved for you has 3 doors, one of which is a double door. The outbuildings have 2 similar doors, one to enter and the second which leads to the garden.

Ecological advert Gros MontThe second half of the name takes its origin from the name of the street in which we are situated, that of the big mont, the hill of a height of 236m. Senan spreads out at its feet. Moving away only a few metres from the house to see the hill and if you wish to join its summit, put on a strong pair of walking shoes, you could do it in half an hour. There you will have an excellent view of the village, on the "Aillantais" region and on the surrounding fields which gives. an insight, to farming changes, throughout the year.

Let us not forget to quote its legend that I shall be pleased to tell you about it.

"Les Portes Blanches du Gros Mont" in pictures...

Porte Blanche Senan Porte blanche et vigne Le Gros Mont en Août Le Gros Mont en Janvier Le Gros Mont en Février Le Gros Mont en Octobre Porte Blanche Senan